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How To know The Name Of Everything On Your Android Phone

Technological advances make it simpler for us in our day-to-day affairs, and this lets in me to discover a simple way with a purpose to realize the name of everything inside the global without difficulty, without anybody giving you information about it.

This method is so simple, as that it’s only your phone camera will do scan work, and then your phone will process and give you the exact name of what you are looking for.

I know that this app will help you as a student, researcher & overall and ordinary human being to look up the name of everything easily, the good thing is that the app can translate the name of what you are looking for according to your language and so here we go.

App Requirements:

  • Android Version 5.0 to Above
  • Fast Internet Connection
  • 1gb RAM Storage to Above
  • Good Camera Resolution

What is The Name of This App?

This app is so simple to find on the internet and also the Google Play Store app, an it’s nothing named but Camera Translator, you can directly go to your Google chrome app and search and for it, or use the playstore link here to download it directly.

How Can I Use The Camera Translator?

After Installing it from the playstore app or from the internet, now launch the app and make sure you connect your phone to the internet connection, and make scan of the object or anything you want to look for it’s name, then wait for it to load and give you the item name, that’s all guys, thank you for having your time.

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