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7 Best Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins Every Day Without Investment

Today, many people want to buy and earn bitcoin (BTC) because it is one of the largest, best-performing assets, even surpassing the profits of gold and US stocks.

Many investors, entrepreneurs and institutions are now embracing bitcoin and learning the various benefits of using bitcoin as a means of payment.

Although there are many ways to buy bitcoins, the interesting thing is that you can get them for free.

Many people do not know about this.

In this article, you will learn the best ways to earn free bitcoins with Remitano, one of the best P2P digital currency trading platforms in the world.

7 Legit Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free

Here are the best ways to earn bitcoin without investing:

1~Remitano Ambassadorship Program

The Remitano Ambassador app allows digital currency enthusiasts, content creators, social media influencers, and digital currency enthusiasts to share their passion for digital currencies and earn bitcoins.

Remitano Ambassadors will:

  • Earn Bitcoins per month for high-quality Remitano content created and shared on the social networks selected during registration.
  • Attractive commissions up to 40% of the referral program.
  • An opportunity to join and become a long-term partner.
  • An opportunity to win the ‘Most Outstanding Creative Content’ award, chosen each month.

2~Simple Answers Competition

Apart from being a crypto trading platform, Remitano also educates users about cryptocurrencies and pays them to learn as well.

The Remitano Easy Answer contest rewards users who can answer simple questions worth thousands of dollars in crypto for over a year.

A new contest is held every week, so be sure to check out the games page so you don’t miss out on these tantalizing opportunities.

3~BTC Games

One of the most fun ways to earn free bitcoins is through BTC games.

For game lovers, this is an exciting way to earn bitcoins easily.

You can use this method to earn bitcoins after completing multiple levels or completing the entire game.

4~Remitano Satoshi Lottery

The Satoshi Remitano lottery is an easy way to control 0.01 Bitcoin units, simply predicts Bitcoin price in the coming date.

To join, please subscribe to the Remitano YouTube channel to get the latest product and service updates.

Please answer the questions: How many bitcoin prices are at the end of the year?

Delete the answer below YouTube video from the “Play” page specified for your reward.

Bitcoin units are different depending on the number of users who participated in the competition and can earn up to 0.01 BTC.

3~ Remitano Meme Competition

Remitano recently launched a meme photo contest where users can earn free coins simply by expressing their cryptocurrency experience and knowledge through memes.

Participants can earn up to $150 worth of cryptocurrencies and other gifts to rejuvenate their spirits.

2~Remitano Pay

Remitano Pay is a new crypto payment service that allows users to quickly and securely pay for goods and services in six different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum.

Thanks to blockchain technology, companies can operate across borders with the service.

By inviting others to use Remitano Crypto Payment Gateway, you will quickly increase your fee for the following reasons:

  • Receive 10% commission from merchant customers who have opened a new Remitano account through the merchant’s website.
  • When offering Remitano Pay to others, fees are based on the transaction volume between the seller and its customers. Transaction volume as a company always exceeds the volume of transactions by individuals.

1~ Remitano Referral Program

If you don’t have the means to buy BTC through the peer-to-peer section, you can get free bitcoins from Remitano via referrals.

The Remitano Referral Program is known for providing an excellent source of passive income for referrals.

When you invite your friends to sign up for your Remitano account, you will receive a lifetime commission of 40% from the transaction fees when buying cryptocurrencies on P2P exchanges.

When a friend recommends a trade to someone else, the commission is also increased by 10%.

This program allows you to continue receiving free bitcoins as long as your referrers continue to buy and sell bitcoins on Remitano. To get free bitcoins through referrals, you need to register at Remitano today.


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