Google AdSense to Remove Subdomain Feature, How Does it After Ad Serving?

You, Google AdSense publishers, must be familiar with the notification sent by Google via email regarding the removal of the subdomain feature in the Google AdSense admin area. Many of you are wondering whether domains that have subdomains will not be able to serve AdSense.

However, according to an explanation from Google, removing this feature is done to make it easier for publishers and will not affect ad serving. We can no longer add or manage subdomains that are part of a site that are in the sites tab. Any subdomains in your account that are part of the site will be removed.

In doing so, Google will simplify the features on the Google AdSense dashboard and will only use the root domain. However, second level domains such as can still be added to the sites tab in Google AdSense, except for subdomains that are part of the site domain.

In addition, sites managed by AdSense platform partners such as Blogger can still be added to Google AdSense. Google has also added the ads.txt feature to speed up the ad serving process on publisher sites that have registered with Google AdSense.

However, for those of you who did not participate in this change, your subdomain will be deleted after March 20, 2023. However, don’t worry, Google is providing a referral link that you can click on no later than March 13, 2023 if you choose not to participate in this change.

Removing this subdomain feature actually won’t have a big impact on ad serving on your site. This is because ad serving is more influenced by the quality of the content and performance of the site you manage. So, as long as you maintain good content quality and site performance, ad serving on your site will continue to run smoothly.

However, while removing a subdomain will not have a major impact on ad serving, it is still recommended to follow this change. Because removing subdomains will make it easier for you to manage sites and features on the Google AdSense dashboard.

Meanwhile, for those of you who don’t know how to install ads.txt, there’s no need to worry. Ads.txt is a file that is useful for providing information about the ads displayed on your site. Google will help you speed up the ads.txt installation process on your site.

Thus the explanation about removing the subdomain feature in the Google AdSense admin area. These changes will take effect automatically after March 20, 2023. So, make sure you are prepared and following these changes so that you can continue serving ads on your site without any problems.

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