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New MTN 200MB Free Browsing Via Stark VPN

Hello guys, hope you are doing well and in good condition, today I will share with you a new free internet trick that recently unlimited free browsing is blocked, it’s all about MTN 200 Mb free browsing.

Alright, there’s nothing much to talk about the new MTN 200Mb daily free browsing, all you have to do is to follow the steps the make your setup to start enjoying it.

How To Setup The Tweak For MTN 200Mb Daily Free Browsing:


Well, bro and sis bring your android phone and get at least 50Mb to download the start VPN app from your play store.

  • After installing the stark VPN app from playstore, next, open it and make sure your mobile data is on.
  • From the app, settings select Update Tweaks and wait for complete, Making it done
  • Go back to the app menu and select MTN 200Mb Daily As it’s in the below image.

  • Hit the connect button and enjoy.

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